Before you sign off for the Holidays take a look at our extensive Holiday Gift Guide that highlights some of our favorite finds for the important people in your lives, including yourself. Naturally we’ve chosen gifts that have been tested and approved to be absolute winners! No need to add the gift receipt in the event they want to return it. Realizing this list comes late in the game it is primarily for our lovely procrastinators and the time management challenged. Don’t worry about delivery dates when it comes to these gifts. They’re so good, the recipients will forgive you for the delay!

Whether it be the newly engaged friends, or not so new but you were way too busy with projects and life to truly celebrate their momentous news prior to now; the travel enthusiast who can’t sit still and somehow makes traveling look chic and easy; the worker bee with the entrepreneurial spirit who basically approaches life like every female empowered Beyonce song; the person who takes pride and uses any excuse to entertain in their highly decorated home and you never pass up an opportunity to join in those festivities; the foodie who spends most of their time in the Kitchen and enjoys all things edible and food related; the main man in your life who is so agreeable and not very vocal about what he wants that it’s almost harder to determine what to get him, and just to sweeten the deal we’ve added a bonus for you at the end of the post of our favorite pre-packaged giftbox and subscription gifts.

Hope you enjoy what we’ve compiled for you, we know the recipients of any of these gifts will be overjoyed!


With Engagement season in full effect your Facebook feed is bound to be populated with news of all your friends who are newly off the market. Don’t fret for we have shared a collection of some simple, thoughtful items that those newly engaged friends will adore and appreciate.


1.They might not live together now but typically the shared dwelling directly follows them saying “I Do.”  West ElmYours, Mine, Ours Key Rings. 2. They’ll have some new accessories that will make this a rather useful item in their household. West ElmBDB Ring Cone.  3. Pinch ProvisionsMinimergency Kit for Grooms |Pinch Provisions- Minimergency Kit for Brides  4. A decorative item that will resonate with them more now than ever. West ElmSt. Jude Brass Love Object 5. When it comes to planning a wedding, a nice quiet relaxing bath is a joyous gift. Quiet being the keyword. They might not understand this at the beginning of the process but they’ll be singing your praises by the end. Leif ShopMoroccan rose milk bath 6. Make a not so subtle announcement of your new relationship status by wearing this on your shoulder everywhere you go. Jove Meyer EventsTotes Getting Married! Tote 7. They will be so impressed when you give them a giftcard for a wedding registry they haven’t even begun to think ok. NewlyWishGift card 8. Don’t be surprised if you notice your gift has been used with their wedding save-the-dates and invitations. B20Personalized Wax Seal stamp 9. Some people wing it but we’re sure that even those that did wrote down some notes at some point. BHLDNLetterpress Vow Journals 10. They can begin to jot down all their wedding day details with these appropriate utensils. Miss Poppy DesignSomething New Pencil Set 


If this is not you, it’s secretly who you want to be. Those with the wanderlust gene. It can feel like if you’re not purchasing them a plane ticket to somewhere of their choosing it won’t matter what you get them but I assure you they will LOVE these thoughtful travel oriented goodies.


1. Miss Poppy DesignParis Pencil Set  2. Miss Poppy DesignCities and People Gold Foil Print 3. They’ll never ask for this but will appreciate a place to keep their travel keepsakes. Uncommon GoodsTravel Stub Diary 4. Dot & BoWorld Wide Wall Clock 5. A fashionable and comfortable pair of slippers worthy enough of avid airplane visits. ShopBopJetsetter slippers  6. When you’re on the go constantly you can’t be picky about where you get some shut eye. Wild FoxCat Napping Eye Mask  7. Perfect for your passport or even just your daily identification. West ElmAround the World Pouches 8. Ban.doPassport Holder “I’m outta here”  | Luggage tag “I’m outta here” 9. Wall decor with a vintage vibe. Dot & Bo“Now Departing” Board  10. They’ll wear it proudly. LucianaAdventure Tee


For the lady boss who runs shit as a main gig, side gig, in the household or the workplace. Strong women who have turned their passions into a way of life or are on their way to do so. Give them inspiring items that help them build the empire they’ve already created.


1. Okay she might be bossy and the boss. Absolutely acceptable. Miss Poppy DesignBossy Mug 2. A boss lady knows the true value of a list. Morrea SealThe 52 Lists Project Journal 3. Miss Poppy DesignHustle Foil Print 4. Applause with apparel. LucianaKilling it Hoodie 5. Inspirational and motivational cards for the mover and shaker. Lara Casey ShopSquare desk card set 6. Ban.doVanilla tan giant ice cream cone bank 7. An honest file folder. Ban.doGet it sorted file folder set 8. Put the phone down. Tell time with some serene falling sand. Dot & Bo As time goes by timer 9. Life simplified with this daily simplified planner. Emily Ley2016 Daily Simplified Planner Mint Dot 10. Waiting on MarthaLadies Choice, Do what you love tray



For the host/ess that keeps their household perfected decorated and prepared for any gathering at a moments notice. You know the type. You always take notes when you attend something at their home and therefore are impossible to shop for. They will be so impressed if you show up with something from this guide.



1. A witty remark on the fact that in fact the neighbors don’t have better stuff. Uncommon GoodsThe Neighbors have better stuff Mat 2. The interior decorator friendly version of a board game. Jonathan AdlerBrass tic tac toe set  3. Because yes their bathrooms are usually dressed to the nines as well. The Greater GoodsBergamot Grapefruit Soap  4. West ElmThe Vintage Vogue Rain Coasters  5. Wine is a great gift but wine is better when paired with one of these. Kate SpadeDrink me Wine Tote  | Kate SpadeCheers Wine Tote  6. Waiting on MarthaChez Elle Booze Decanter  7. SkeemWhite Gold Match Bottle  | SkeemSage Blossom Honey Candle  8. One Kings LaneGem Wine Glass Charm & Topper  9. This gives the illusion of nothing. Its actually amazing and cool. West ElmAcrylic Trays  10. Pair this beautiful brush vase with a beautiful arrangement of flowers already in it. It’ll be put to use instantly. Waiting on MarthaGold Brush Vase



For the kitchen enthusiast who spends most of their minutes concocting new recipes for food and drink and is very proud of their love of the culinary world!


1. Doubtful they have anything like this in their kitchen and that’s a good thing. The Spice LabChef’s Gourmet salt collection  2. Not everything needs to be virtual. Rifle Paper Co.Midnight Floral Kitchen recipe box  3. Delicious and good for entertaining. Dean & DelucaCocktail Popcorn Tin 4. TastemakerLADonut Floor mat 5. Emily McdowellI like pizza as more than a friend tote bag  6.Williams SonomaMarble and Wood Cheese Boards 7. Measuring never looked so sexy. Waiting on MarthaCopper Measuring Cup Set  8. Creating cocktails for a holiday gathering is as easy as twist and pour. Food 52Tea Crafted for Cocktails Variety Pack 9. West ElmHot Cakes Rye Whiskey Caramel 10. MybeardedpigeonHangry Wall Décor



For the beau, the boo or whatever you refer to him as. The man that rocks your world and deserves a little somethin’ somethin’.


1. Let him serve up drinks for the two of you in style. Urban OutfittersHella Bitters 4 piece old fashioned kit  2. Apple Watch Sport 3. Aha LifeStanley Suit Valet  3. East DaneTravel Essentials Kit for Men 5. Telling him he smells is not very nice so say it with some nice soap and oils he’ll appreciate. Craftmans Soap CoBeer Soap Beard Kit 6. For the serious caffeine lovers. HuckberryAeroPress Coffee Maker 7. This way he can juice up his phone and be proud of his great taste in movies. Think GeekMimo Power Tube Star Wars V2 8. He doesn’t even have to be an avid reader to be thrilled with this purchase. From the hilarious and raw mind behind movies like 40-year old virgin and knocked up, this is guaranteed to entertain. AmazonSick in the Head Book by Judd Apatow 9. I only need to say two words; Jimmy Fallon. Yep, Jimmy Fallon created this so naturally I’m a fan of anything that funny man has his hands in. J-CrewThe Pocket Dial  10. I like to refer to drones as the adult nintendo or playstation. The gadget that keeps the Y Chromosomes entertained for long periods of hours. Urban OutfittersProtocol Video Drone 


For those that don’t have the time to be creative with their gift selection but want to make an impact, or do wrapping jobs worse then a toddler should consider these beautifully curated gifts. It’s it nice to take the thinking out of gift giving and having great packaged presentations to go along with the product. Some of these are just boxed gifts we adore and others are subscriptions that can be sent to your favorite people of any gender.


1.Umba Box Subscription 2. Offering many different boxed gifts for your friends and family. Simone Le BlancBest Mates Box 3. BeSpokeRefresh  4.William SonomaThe Olive Crate 5. Sweet and playful from the packed party. Packed Party“Tis the Season” Box  6. Ice cream sandwiches delivered to your door. Ummm yes please. Cool HausSammie of the Month Club  7. Birchbox Subscription  8. Club W Luxe Holiday Pack  9. Mantry Subscription 10. Anything and everything you can imagine exists here. Pickles, hot sauce, chocolate, indie things, etc. -Gift baskets and Subscriptions-

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