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After your wedding day you’ll have the memories, the gorgeous photos, the emotional video, the leftover cake and the lifetime partner, but in the event that you were greedy and wanted more I’ve compiled a handful of my favorite artistic keepsakes that will adorn your home and be a pleasant reminder of the magic on that special day.

Live Event Painting

Think of this artistic keepsake also as an interactive display for your guests to witness. Allowing your guests to view the talent and detailed creation as it unfolds. A true moment in time captured with a paint brush by Katherine Gressel of Event Painting by Katherine.



Custom Bouquet/Boutonniere Painting

If you’re a flower fanatic or if you simply have taste and eyes than this is for you. Get a stunning professional painting of your wedding day bouquet/boutonniere. Megan Carty uses her creative liberties that allow her loose, fluid approach and vibrant colors to elevate even your fondest memory of your flowers. This is one of those keepsakes that blends style and sentiment and is the perfect anniversary or housewarming gift!



Wedding Dress Sketch

It’s true what they say, you might never wear your wedding dress again, but seeing as it was the garment you said “I do” in you might want to consider having a memento of that perfect selection that won’t take up your entire closet. These magnificent bespoke illustrations by Debi Griffin of Illustrative Moments will solve that space dilemma and be a beautiful visual representation of the choice you made on that special day. The choice of the dress and of the partner.

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Calligraphy Vows Art

Your vows. Your solemn promise, pledge and personal commitment to your partner. Spending months or mere minutes (no judgement!) writing them. Words that would be recited to your significant other in front of family and friends. Maybe you remember every word and inflection or maybe you were overcome with so much emotion you can barely recall a word. Imagine if those words you uttered over trembling nerves and tears of joy to the one you love were plastered on your walls. A heartfelt token that would also serve as a tool, to remember that love is frameworthy. Bryn Chernoff of Paperfinger can write your vows as individual love notes you can display in your home or a piece of artwork front and center to be framed for any surface.




Illustrated Love Story Timeline 

The story is just as good as the destination. Reminiscing of the first date, first kiss, first home, first vacation together. Any pivotal moment in a couples relationship that means something to their love story. Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to honor all those experiences and moments you’ve shared leading to your nuptials. The impeccable Katie Fischer of Katie Fischer Design has created “The Story of Us” a customized illustration of your individual love story. No matter your style, modern to whimsical, your story will be catered to suit you. Showcase it at your wedding or selfishly keep this art in your home for only your enjoyment, either way it’ll be an instant joy maker.





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