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To start with the basics, my name is Roey Mizrahi. I’m a devoted New Yorker and not-so-closeted bulldog fanatic. I crave ice cream all year long and accurately describe myself as disheveled chic. After college I was fortunate to land a position in the New York wedding industry which sparked, then solidified my already existing passion for Planning and Event Design. After years of honing my skills and cultivating my relationships, I set out to live the dream in doing what I know and love; creating personalized, memorable events. It’s truly about my clients vision, even if it is yet to be realized; encapsulating their personality and projecting it into the experience they want to share with their family and friends.

And then voilà, Roey Mizrahi Events; the dream of my boutique wedding and event planning company materialized; specializing in personalized events that respect and honor the occasion no matter how one chooses to celebrate it. I strive to create an environment and an experience where my clients and their guests can immediately recognize their personality and taste by simply entering a room or gazing upon a single detail.

Realizing that many events follow a certain cookie-cutter format, my goal is to build unique and one-of-a-kind experiences. It’s all in the details; details grounded in empathy and sensitivity for my clients. This approach comes with a fresh perspective, calm demeanor and completely customized services; providing clients unlimited personal attention and communication throughout the planning process. Though I love my hometown, NYC, these specialized services are offered and executed globally and I welcome the opportunity to travel for my clients.

Turn the pages of my “little BLUE book”; my own personal directory to everything inspiring is now yours.


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